1 MMA Fighter Throws Hands With 12 Bouncers In Wild Casino Brawl


Long gone are the days where people will let two guys settle their differences with the fists. But 12 vs. 1? That’s just freakin’ insane…

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Once again the subject of a mixed martial artist getting in to trouble is in the media. This time it’s in Australia, and the subject is a controversial brawl between 12 casino bouncers and one MMA fighter.


The fight left one man with a shattered eye socket and fractured cheek bone, and some seriously negative media spotlight has been shed on the sport of MMA.

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Melbourne Magistrates Court heard that Sbat, who earlier booked a room at the Crown Metropol Hotel, turned hostile towards several guards and repeatedly “encroached on their personal space in an aggressive and antagonistic manner”.

MMA fighter vs. 12 security guards in a casino: who wins?

The prosecutor told the court numerous other guards attended and tried to escort Sbat away, but he responded by pushing at some and punching one to the face with a closed fist.

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Sergeant Adams said guards then tried to restrain Sbat as he ran to a nearby exit and when one attempted to intercept him, Sbat raised his elbow and struck him in the face.