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Adopted Dominican Man Thought Of As A Child and Caught ‘Pounding’ His Adopted Mother

Dominican Man Reveals Age After Viral Video - The Tropixs

For those who haven’t had the opportunity to get to know internet sensation, Pioladitingancia Abreu, aka, “NO FOCKIN BABY” aka, “I NO FOCKIN BABY,” here’s your chance.

With over 500k followers on Instagram, and a variety of celebrity guest appearances, the 23 year-old Dominican has emerged as a recent social media sensation. One look at his videos and you’ll see why his star has risen so quickly.

While he has generated a following on his own, it also helps that his daily antics have received the backing of popular Viceland show, “Desus and Mero,” who recently brought him along on the Viceland bus at the Meadows Music and Art Festival in New York.

Among other things, his rise to stardom reminds us that with hard work, self-confidence, and a clean hair line up, big things can be accomplished. Check out a brief recap of his life below:

This weekend Pioladitingancia had a viral moment on Instagram after this video meme was picked up by Complex, Snoop Dogg, and others.

Pioladitingancia then got involved in some family drama, which was documented on one of our tia’s and abuelita’s favorite evening shows, “Caso Cerrado.”

But NO FOCKIN BABY’s newfound celebrity status still doesn’t make him immune to police harassment. He’s still out here getting pulled over like the rest of us, and, of course, smoking hookah while his car gets searched.

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