Amateur Boxer Vs. A Bouncer Three Times His Size

Guy trained in boxing takes on bouncer TWICE his size

You rarely see skilled fighters taking on bouncers. Usually, altercations that occur outside of clubs involve bouncers beating the s**t out of drunk people. Well, the following footage is different; this bouncer had to take on a very legitimate opponent this time.

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It’s unclear as to why the two men started trading blows since the footage only shows their fight. One thing that is striking right off the bat is that the bouncer appears to be around twice the size of the other man; and yet, the outcome of the fight might surprise you.,slim_fit_t_shirt,mens,101010:01c5ca27c6,front,square_product,600x600.u6.jpg

The two men square off and the fight starts. The bouncer throws a jab followed by a 1-2 combination but all of his punches miss as the other man’s great head movement allows him to dodge. It appears obvious that the other man knows a thing or two about boxing, to say the least.

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The boxer lands a jab to the body and a left hook to the bouncer’s jaw; he’s clearly dominating the standing exchanges. The bouncer recognizes that and uses his much, much larger frame to clinch with the boxer and throws him on the ground. The boxer manages to get up in a matter of seconds but both men are still clinching;.,slim_fit_t_shirt,mens,101010:01c5ca27c6,front,square_product,600x600.u1.jpg

The bouncer lands a knee to the body but the boxer returns the favor with a headbutt. They both eventually break up from the clinch. And that’s where things got rough for the bouncer.

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The boxer is back in his natural element now. He dodges most of the bouncer’s wild hooks with neat head movement and starts throwing a combination of his own. Straight punches, hooks, uppercuts. He is BLASTING the bouncer with heavy knuckles.