Cop Promises ‘Not To Arrest’ And Throws Hands With The Suspect Instead

Illinois police officer beats up a teenager for taunting | Daily Mail Online

It is the function of the police department to dedicate themselves to ensuring that they abide by the oath that binds them as protectors of the earthly realm. The members of the police department are expected to exude all shades of virtue and integrity, and also ensure that the citizens under their watch are protected against any form of harm. It might be a difficult task to uphold, but with the concerted efforts of the entire team, progress would be made.

Illinois police officer beats up a teenager for taunting | Daily Mail Online

One fact we must always bear in mind about police officers are, they were first humans before they became police officers. So, there is still a tendency for them to put aside their moral conduct and act in an unacceptable manner. Often times, they do this when they are pushed beyond their limits. This means that no matter the number of years of training that a police officer has received, there is a possibility for him to forget it as fast as the toggling off of a switch.

Illinois police officer beats up a teenager for taunting | Daily Mail Online

In a video clip that was released on the internet sometimes back, it was the story of a police officer who responded to a domestic distress call. Apparently, the police officer lost his cool because of some words that were uttered to his face. Now, it happened that when the police officer named Samuel Rosario was informed about the distress call, he swung into action instantly. In the clip, he was seen coming towards the house at a noiseless street situated in Springfield, Illinois.

This particular house happened to be a familiar one because, in the past, police authorities have responded to distress calls. There is a young female teenager who acts abnormally almost every time. And from the looks of things, there is a tendency that she would be taken into a juvenile home soon. Apparently, she misbehaved, and her mother had to call the police. As officer Samuel Rosario approaches the house, a young man is seen standing in front of the house.

ISP Arrests Springfield Police Officer For Official Misconduct And Battery | WICS

And his intention is to query the police officers why they have not done anything yet to arrest his sister. The young man was obviously not aware of the fact that officer Samuel Rosario was just on this case for the first time. If the young man had known, perhaps he would not have verbally abused the officer with all sorts of racial taunts. At a point, the young man questioned the proficiency of the police officer. He even went to the extent of quizzing him if he indeed went to school and through the police academy.

Former Springfield officer gets probation for official misconduct | Top Stories |

Officer Samuel Rosario could no longer stomach the insults the young man was dishing out, and he had to respond. He told the young man point-blank that what he could have done was to put him in cuffs and whisk him away. He further said that they could fight each other, and he would not have to arrest him. Then, the young man retorted and called him a “rookie bitch.” For Officer Samuel Rosario, that was the deal-breaker. He put off his body cam, and he beat the young man mercilessly. Unfortunately for Officer Rosario, the beatings were filmed by the body cam of his colleague.

Bodycam Shows Springfield officer beating up teen after argument | Daily Mail Online

When the colleague came closer, Rosario told him not to take the young man away, in a bid to keep his word. Later on, it was gathered that the Springfield Police department sanctioned Officer Samuel Rosario for beating up the young man because it was uncalled for as an officer of the law. In addition, he was charged with one count of official misbehavior and dual counts of battery. Officer Samuel Rosario was also put on an administrative leave where he would not be paid until the internal investigation was concluded.