DoorDasher Defecates In Apartment Lobby After Dropping Off A Customers Order

Shock video shows DoorDash delivery worker POOPING outside of customer's  apartment after dropping off food

A DoorDash driver in Southern California was seen on surveillance video using a customer’s residential building lobby as a toilet after dropping off an order. The building manager of a Brentwood apartment building was contacted by a resident in the building saying that there was feces all over the lobby of the 19-unit building.

DoorDash driver defecates in Brentwood apartment lobby - YouTube

When the building manager checked the surveillance video, she was shocked to see a DoorDash delivery driver using a trash can in her building’s lobby to take a dump.

“What I saw… I could not unsee. I was flabbergasted at what I saw,” Lisa Stanley, who was the DoorDash customer for the delivery, told FOX 11. “She let it go. You know what they say, ‘when you gotta go, you gotta go,’ and boy did she ever.”

DoorDash driver photographed using residential building's lobby as toilet

“You’re four steps away from outside where there’s a bush or your car, or I don’t know – but not in the lobby of a Brentwood apartment building!”

“This is a health issue. You have a human being who’s taking a poop in the middle of her job in a lobby of an apartment building and then resuming her job which is delivering and touching food,” Stanley added.

DoorDash driver defecates in customer's residential lobby after dropping  off order

When she contacted DoorDash support through the app to alert them to what happened, the company sent her a response saying in part, “Thank you for your patience, and I hope you’re doing well. We do not condone this type of action and are currently investigating this with the information provided.”

Vile moment security footage captures DoorDash delivery driver using lobby  trash can as a toilet | Daily Mail Online

The DoorDash official went on to say that the driver associated with her delivery “is no longer able to deliver with DoorDash. Details of all investigations are kept private.” The company refunded her order and added an additional $20 credit to her account, as well as refunded the Dasher’s tip.

DoorDash Driver Delivers Food to Radio DJ, Then S**T in a Lobby Trash Can?  | 94.5 The Buzz | The Rod Ryan Show

After Stanley posted a video of the incident on Twitter, DoorDash replied by saying, “Hello, Lisa! We cannot apologize enough for this happening. The actions of the Dasher were completely uncalled for.

Allow us to make sure we get this addressed. Send over a DM with your email and phone number so we can make this situation right.” Stanley said that had the driver asked, she may have let her use her bathroom, and added that there are bushes outside the building if the emergency situation called for it.

The woman left a pile of feces on the rim of the trash can and on the floor Friday afternoon

FOX 11 reached out to DoorDash for an additional statement, to which the company replied:

“The trust and safety of our community is extremely important and what’s shown in this video is absolutely unacceptable. We’re actively investigating this and will take all appropriate actions, including cooperating with law enforcement on any investigation.”