Dude Beats The Brakes Off His Sister’s Baby Daddy Because He Stole From Her

A man finds out that his sister’s baby daddy stole her money, which made him very mad. He went on to confront the baby daddy for the stolen money and decided to collect every single penny on him. As this was going on, the baby daddy tried to stop him from recovering the stolen money from him, but this move only increased the anger of the brother as it didn’t stop him from collecting the money.

The baby daddy tried to defend himself by pushing the brother, but this was a very wrong move as it led to him receiving a very serious beating. The brother might have not had intentions of getting into a serious fight with him, but seeing that the baby daddy tried to get into a fight with him all because he didn’t want to release the stolen money made the brother really mad.

As the baby daddy was about to remove his shirt to prove that he wanted to fight l and have the full comfort to make him fight well, the brother took advantage of the situation and used it as a tactical advantage to attack the baby daddy from behind which led to the baby daddy falling on the ground.

At first, things looked like the baby daddy had everything under control as he was able to hold down the brother for a little moment. After a few moments, the brother was able to release himself from the baby daddy, which gave him the opportunity and better advantage to beat up the baby daddy.  The brother kept on punching the head and face of the baby daddy without any clear intention of stopping anytime soon. 

Suddenly, a friend of the brother whose body language showed that he was equally angry at the baby daddy came to help the brother beat him up well. Yes, that’s two men against one. They both focused on the head and face of the baby daddy by punching and kicking it. They tore his cloth, and almost left him completely naked. The can’t daddy was left in pain on the floor as they walked away.