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Father Catches A Womanizer In Bed With His Daughter, Calls His Son And They Send Him To The Emergency Room

The husband did not show mercy to his wife but angrily scolded at her as he found her sleeping with a lover

A mans worst nightmare is his teenage daughter being impregnated by a womanizer who has no plans on marrying her. In this video, this scenario almost comes true. The Father in the stripped shirt has come home from pin the area.

He’s warned this man before to stay away from his daughter, but he didn’t heed to his warnings.

So the father calls in his brother and his son to help him deliver a message that this man will never forget. Amazingly, however, throughout the beating the wife does her best to protect her boyfriend, often putting her own body between her lover and the heavy blows from her husband.

The outraged husband even whacks her over the back with a pole, and his friends join in and attack the lover as well, causing both victims to wince and cry in pain and terror.

In the end, the poor woman is singled out by the husband, who continually stomps on her head, face and chest, all while his friends shove their phone camera in her face.

The naked woman’s loud cries continue all the way until the end of the video. Netizens on Chinese social media, as always, have been divided by the events, but generally expressed sympathy for the wife.

However, a great number of comments backed the husband and praised him for taking matters into his own hands. Adultery is not a punishable crime in China, with marriage laws only forbidding a wedded individual from marrying a second time before divorcing their previous spouse.

As a result, husbands and wives with unfaithful partners often seek their own form of mob justice. It is unclear if police are looking into the matter and whether or not the husband and his son will be charged with battery.

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