Female Bully Sucker Punches Male Student And Gets Left In A Puddle Of Tears


It is very common for you to hear that it is not appropriate for you as a man to beat a woman. The primary reason for this is, men are generally stronger than women. And a good number of men could be very deadly in ways unimaginable, with their hands.

Although it is quite difficult for some men to keep their cool when they are harassed by women, it is crucial to keep calm. When a man strikes a woman with anger, there is a huge tendency for her to get injured in the process because they are not generally strong.

In a particular incident that was recorded on video, we see the case of a squabble between a young man and a young lady who happened to be students.

Now, these students were sitting beside a wall during the lunch break when a war of words broke out between the male and female students. From the way they were exchanging words, it was apparent that they knew each other, and they were probably quite close.

In the process of still exchanging words, the female student stood up from her seat, still scolding him for an offense or wrongdoing that he must have committed. The male student then remained quiet, and he refused to exchange words with her any longer.

He remained on his seat, with his mouth closed, and his body language apparently showed that he did not want their argument to become heated than it was already. Now, at this point, it is not sure if the male student is wrong or right.

The atmosphere between the lady and the young man became more heated when she gives him a dirty slap on his face. And for a moment, everything seemed to be on a standstill. The young man himself did not know how to react on receiving the slap. It was obvious that he was trying to process all that has happened.

In this particular school where the incident occurred, whenever punches or slaps were exchanged, it is always big news. And the onlookers were watching, hoping to see what the young man would do next.


The young man who seemed to have regained his composure stood to his feet and struck the lady heavily on her face. The young lady is stunned by the powerful strike, and her astonishment is well-written on her face. Due to the fact that the young man is stronger than the lady, one would not have expected him to respond with such a violent strike.After giving her a taste of her own medicine, the young man started to leave the venue of the incident. From the looks of things, he does not want the case to get overblown more than the way it is already.

The young lady who was still startled by the slap sat down and began to cry. Her friends came around and began to comfort her. They pled with her not to cry any further and not to make any rash decision. However, all the pleas and pieces of advice fell on deaf ears because she was bent on retaliating.

She stood up to her feet and shouted the name of the young man; then she ran over to where he was to challenge him. The young man who heard his name being called out realized that he had to get himself ready for action.

As the lady came closer to him, the young man readies himself and quickly performed a body slam on her. Later, when the young lady was interviewed, she mentioned that she did not expect the young man to hit her even though she did.