Gypsy Bare Knuckle Legend Paddy Doherty Involved In A Savage Street Scrap

Big Fat Gypsy star Paddy Doherty's ear partially bitten off in car park brawl - Mirror Online

Born in 1959, Paddy Doherty is a popular TV personality who attained fame through various avenues. He appeared in My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, a classic reality comedy, and was also featured as one of Danny Dyer’s Deadliest Men. He starred in When Paddy Met Sally and Celebrity Bainisteoir in 2012. The star gained a lot of popularity especially from his appearance in the reality show Celebrity Big Brother 8. He won the show in 2011, perhaps because the other housemates were dreading how he would react if they voted him out.

WATCH: Famous Bare Knuckle Boxer Paddy Doherty In Brutal Family Street Brawl

Before all his other recognition, Doherty is a boxer. He is a notorious bare-knuckle fighter to be reckoned with. His career began with this raw form of boxing. Bare-knuckle boxing is the most original form of extreme sport. In this version of boxing, the participants do not wear any gloves or padding to protect themselves. Their knuckles, and rest of the body, is vulnerable to heartless attacks during the match. Very commonly played before gloves were made compulsory, the rate of injury in the bare-knuckle version of boxing is quite high. Modern boxing took over this style of fighting back in 1889.

Cousin of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star Paddy Doherty jailed for biting off part of his ear in fight - Birmingham Live

Even though the raw form of bare-knuckle boxing was abolished, the Irish Stand Down boxing still remains popular. The Irish Stand Down boxing is an iteration of bare-knuckle boxing. It entails effective punch-avoidance techniques and less footwork. This fighting style emphasizes on the combatant’s ability to receive punches and also deliver his own. Understandably, the fighters who dodged better seemed to last longer during the matches.

Caught on video: How a 'revolting' feud between Paddy Doherty and his cousin Johnny Joyce erupted in violence on a Manchester street - Manchester Evening News

Not too long ago, the brawny boxer Paddy Doherty was invited by Johnny Joyce to partake in a street fight. A video of their intense brawl has been circulating the internet, leaving viewers at a loss of words. In the video, Johnny Joyce, Paddy’s cousin, stopped the popular TV personality and bare-knuckle fighter in the middle of the street. Johnny literally jumped out of his vehicle looking to cause trouble. The video shows what an obscene blood-splattering scene the brawl led to. Clearly, Doherty was not given any choice but to fight. Doherty adopted the Irish Stand Down technique and took a stern defensive stance. It does not help much as he is soon turned into a bloody mess by his opponent.

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star Paddy Doherty told doctors to cut off his manhood over agony of prostate cancer

He focused more on protecting himself instead of proactively attacking choice, a clever attitude for bare-knuckle boxing. Unfortunately, his strategy could not protect him from the wrath of Joyce’s attacks for too long. Soon, the viewers gasp in shock as they can see bloodstream down Paddy’s face. Blood soaked into his jumper but he was not ready to give up. Bare-knuckle is not a very decent way to fight, and Joyce took advantage of this. He blew some wild strikes towards Doherty. He even bit off Doherty’s ears so hard that the victims faced some serious consequences.

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star Paddy Doherty diagnosed with prostate cancer | Daily Mail Online

As Joyce partially ripped his ear off, Paddy had to seek medical attention and reattach his ear. During the fight, the two participants have broken quite a few bare-knuckle rules. For instance, they completely disregarded that striking the opponent while they are down is not allowed. Biting, too, is not allowed. However, Joyce let his desire to win take over all sense of right and wrong.

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star Paddy Doherty diagnosed with cancer - Wales Online

The audience had a lot to say, and so did the cameraman. The cameraman who recorded the viral clip of Paddy Doherty and Johnny Joyce’s bare-knuckle fight expressed in a heavy Northern accent that the fight brought a lot of ill feelings to light. You can check out the brutal fight between Paddy Doherty and Johnny Joyce on the player below: