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Jorge Masvidal Asks Dana White To Allow Him To Break Jake & Logan Paul’s Faces

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Jorge Masvidal wants Dana White to ‘send in the assassin’ and allow him to fight either Jake or Logan Paul in a boxing match. Jake Paul, the YouTuber turned boxer, knocked out MMA star Ben Askren and recently won a points decision over former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

Masvidal believes he should be the man to represent his sport and finally overcome the young upstarts in the ring, should the UFC president allow it.

He told ESPN: ‘UFC would have to sign off, but nothing is impossible. Dana doesn’t like those guys and Dana knows I’ll go in there and put a hurting on those kids. Maybe he does send in the f***ing assassin.

‘I’m gonna beat up all the Pauls. If they put money in my pocket, that Logan Paul dude, Jake Paul, whoever Paul dudes – if they put money in my pocket, of course I’d like to break some Disney characters’ faces.

‘I’ve been fighting men who have been training since 7, 8 years old to do the same thing to me what I want to do to them. Fighting guys like [the Pauls] is a bonus, man.’ Masvidal and Jake Paul had been on amicable terms until the social media star reacted badly to the 36-year-old picking Woodley to beat him earlier this month.

‘Gamebred’ responded: ‘Who the f*** is this Paul kid? He thinks we’re friends, because I gave him some advice in the Ben Askren fight. ‘Get the f*** out of here, bro. I’ll slap you and whoever the f*** you want, bro. I’m a fighter. Of course you’re gonna get offended.’

Jake Paul has repeatedly criticized the UFC over the amount they pay fighters and hit out at Dana White on multiple occasions. So it seems unlikely that the promotion’s president would sanction one of his biggest stars in Masvidal to fight either of the brothers and risk losing face.

There is still plenty of business for Masvidal to attend to in the octagon and having been knocked out by Kamaru Usman in his title shot earlier this year, he is desperate for another shot at the crown.

He added: ‘Ideal scenario – I walk into the office and they go, “This individual can get you closer to the title than any other individual”. ‘And I go, “Give me that individual.” And they offer it to me with a lot of money behind it. All these guys are corny. I don’t give a f*** about them.

‘I want to go for the title again. Whatever it takes to get to that title – whatever opponent, whatever threat, challenge. Whatever they want to come up for me to deal with it, I’m there to do it.’

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