Meet The Most Feared Gangster In East Missouri ‘Whyte Mike The OG’

These days, teenagers are keen on impressing one another, and this has led to some of them doing unspeakable things. Now, they cannot be totally blamed for their inactions, considering the fact that they are at a critical phase of growth and development. And with the internet, teenagers have access to various harmful and disruptive content that cannot be well managed because of their level of maturity.

When teenagers come in contact with these content on the internet, they cannot properly process it, and this is why they do things without minding the adverse effects.

With this, it is one of the reasons why you would hear about kids who come to school with their parents’ pistol, without their knowledge. And the worst part is, they would play with these items like they were toys, and someone would get injured in the process.

An incident happened sometimes back when a teenager with the appellation “Whyte Mike” came in contact with a handgun. Due to the ecstasy that comes with holding such a weapon, a good number of teenagers are often disillusioned on the next thing to do.

On this particular occasion, Whyte Mike, who gave himself the title of the Original Gangster of East Missouri, did not only use the gun to make people scared but to bully a younger teenager. Now, when Whyte Mike, alongside his friends, used the gun to steal from a 13-year-old boy publicly.

Bearing in mind that teenagers often act brashly without ample knowledge, they do things that attract offensive titles to themselves like dunce or dimwit.

Typically, only dimwits would perform such social vices and film it then uploads on the internet. But in the case of these teenagers who are misguided, the title of a dunce or dimwit could be overlooked.

The self-professed OG, Whyte Mike, filmed the entire incident on Snapchat, and he uploaded the videos to Facebook. Of course, considering the fact that Facebook is the biggest Social media platform in the world, several people (parents inclusive) saw the video.

With this video, many parents were able to see how some children would go lengths to pick on people they consider weaker than them. And in this case, it was a sore sight because a gun was used. Things would have gone awry, and someone would have been injured with a bullet in the process.

In the video clip, Whyte Mike waved the gun with pride and used it to push the head of the boy who was being bullied. Then, one of Whyte Mike’s crew named Alexander Schader, a 17-year-old boy, performed some acts to make the boy afraid, before hitting him.

When the content on Whyte’s Facebook page was checked, the results were quite alarming. There is one picture that stood out. This picture comprised him and his crew holding different types of guns and making funny gang signs. The general public wondered where young boys would get such weapons that they were never authorized to hold.

From the poses struck by these teenagers in the picture, it became apparent that it was a case of misplaced identities. These boys saw themselves as a special gang order that could not be messed with.

Fortunately for the bullied boy, his brother got wind of the video and quickly informed their mother. As you would expect an alarmed mother to act, she quickly informed the police, and they swung into action immediately.

The police department was able to get Alexander Schader, who had to eventually apologize for his contributory role in the bullying, and he was pardoned. However, the leader of the gang, the self-proclaimed original gangster, Whyte Mike, chickened out, and he was nowhere to be found.