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PICTURE: Tyron Woodley Finally Gets The “I Love Jake Paul” Tattoo

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Tyron Woodley has provided an update on his tattoo from losing to Jake Paul in their boxing match.

In the lead-up to the fight, Paul made a bet with Woodley that the loser would get a tattoo saying I love Jake Paul or I love Tyron Woodley. However, after Paul earned a split-decision win, Woodley made a new bet that he would get the tattoo if Paul agreed to do a rematch.

Since they agreed to the rematch in the ring, there has been no talk about the rematch or Woodley’s tattoo. However, he said he has been trying to get in contact with Paul’s manager about making the rematch.

“We called his manager, we called him,” Woodley said in a recent Instagram Live (h/t FightHype). “I think somebody just got to him, ‘Man, just take it and run, man. You didn’t win the fight, man. They said you won but don’t f*cking get back in there with him.’ Because I’m the type of motherf*cker where if you let me get another time to fight you and I get a chance to break you down, it’s problems.”

As for the tattoo, Woodley says the new bet made in the ring overruled the loser bet. He says he will stick to his word and get the tattoo if the rematch gets made, but he won’t get it until he gets paperwork with the fight contract.

“That tattoo situation, the original bet was the loser gets the tattoo,” Woodley said. “In the ring, a new bet was presented that, in my opinion, superseded the previous bet. That bet said if you get the tattoo then we can run it back.

We both said ‘Bet’ and we shook hands. So that’s a bet I’m trying to facilitate and the rematch has to happen. If we get the paperwork, of course. You motherf*ckers have some dumbass tattoos on your bodies. Hella-dumb. For a nice bag, there’s nobody on this live that would tell me they would never do that.”

Whether or not Jake Paul will rematch Woodley is uncertain. But today, Woodley posted the picture with the tattoo on his finger. Check it out

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