Sony Is Hiring People Who Want To Play Playstation 5 All Day For Cash!

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Love playing video games? Have you ever wished that someone would pay you for just trying out new games and just jumping from one level to the next? Well, here is some good news. PlayStation is now hiring people to test out their games in various parts of the world. In simple terms, you can now play video games for a living. Before you jump the wagon and get too excited about it, here is the catch. You need to be fluent in some languages too. Only if you can speak in Arabic, Russian, or Portuguese fluently, are you eligible for this job?

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No, it is not enough that you speak the language, you must be familiar with punctuations and grammar, too. So, what exactly is this dream-job? PlayStation is now hiring for a post called a ‘localization tester’. Basically, you need to check if the text and audio used in the video games are correct. Obviously, the only way to do this would be to play the game through all its levels. According to the job advertisement placed by PlayStation, candidates may even have to translate the text for marketing and the game itself from time to time.

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The position is based in Liverpool and selected candidates have to pass a translation exam before getting the job. However, if you were to go by the job advertisement, the primary requisite is that you must have a passion for video games in order to join their “international team that will impact players across the globe’. Sounds quite exciting, doesn’t it? Once you are selected, the language translation test will be sent to you. It has to be completed within an hour and sent back. If you are hired, here is the good news, you will spend 37.5 hours a week playing video games. Do you already do that? Then, this job can be a breeze.

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Playing video games from 9 am to 5.30 pm all week and then having weekends off, too? Most certainly, the applications must be reeling in for the post. Although, there is no clarity on the terms of payment for this project yet. To sum it up, the skills that you need for this job include: • An undying passion for video games. • Command over the English language and one of the other languages mentioned above. • The ability to play video games across several platforms. • Basic knowledge of constraint and development cycle. • An understanding of the MS Office package.

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