That Time Deontay Wilder Scared The F**K Out Of The Ring Girl At Weigh Ins

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No matter what you thought of the result between Wilder and Fury over the weekend, make no mistake about it, Deontay is one scary man. The ‘Bronze Bomber’ stands at an imposing 201cm tall with a staggering 211 cm reach. But it isn’t just his size that makes him so frightening. His at-times eccentric demeanor and boxing record make him an absolute weapon.

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The Alabamian has won 39 of his 41 fights by knockout. Making him one of the best of all time in this statistic. He has knocked out contender after contender on his way to 8 successful title defenses and a draw. Earlier this year, Deontay appeared on a Spanish language sports talk show, punching the show’s mascot and knocking out the human that occupied the suit!

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With a reputation that precedes him, whenever Wilder appears in public, his stature and confidence add to his appeal. This shone through at the weight in for his showdown against Luis Ortiz earlier in 2018. The fight for the heavyweight title was hotly anticipated with both camps spouting tremendous amounts of trash talk in the lead-up.

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So when it was time for Wilder to flex for the cameras, he had the waiting press gallery eating out of the palm of his hand. He gave a somewhat casual, nonchalant yet confident flex as the camera flashes glinted of his rig. But just as things were looking to die down, Wilder let out an almighty, primal yell as he dropped his arms dramatically.

 Deontay Wilder's scream makes the model jump out of her skin

Well, one of the poor promo girls that flanked the American got the fight of her life. Her face fell in as she visibly jumped out of her skin. No sooner had she realized that it was just a shock, and nothing to be concerned about she showed that she had a sense of humor about things, laughing it off.