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They Call Him Big Boy Alabama And He Ain’t Afraid To “Let Them Hands Go!”

Bama fans sitting in a Florida State section during Saturday’s game at the Mercedes Benz Stadium are being credited by BC as being responsible for the first ever fan fight at MB Stadium.

Now there’s video of what looks like a Bama fan from the brawl in the stands throwing a woman to the concrete in a concourse brawl.

We have two videos to compare here to see if we indeed have a Bammer launching a woman. Let’s go to the woman getting launched. Notice the visor. The red collar shirt.

The stripes. Also notice Big Ol Bammer in the white polo. Notice: Three Bama fans — guy on the left seemed to be the sober one. Two visors and Big Ol Bammer missing his hat. Now go back and watch the video of the woman getting launched.

Notice anything similar in the screenshots from the two videos? Coincidence? Or are these the two Bammers getting it on in the stands? Khaki pants. Red collar Bama fan in shorts.

Update: We have an eyewitness who says he’s in the fight video in the Benz stands and can report that it was Bama fan who threw the lady to the concrete.

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