‘Vibration’ Prank Goes Wrong When Girlfriend Orgasms In Front Of His Mom


If you’ve never heard of the YouTube channel Hammy TV, I have the perfect video to introduce to you that’ll make absolutely clear the type of prankster you’re about to get into. Believe me, you’ll get into him. This particular video features Hamilton and his girlfriend getting ready to go have a nice dinner with the girlfriend’s mother.

Well, when he gets to his girl’s place she’s still in the process of finishing up getting her makeup on and he whips out a little surprise gift – a pair of vibrating panties. If you think you know where this is going, you’ve probably got it right.

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She decided to try them on, most likely at his behest, but for some reason forgot to take them off for the actual pair she wanted and out they went. Luckily Hamilton seemed to have had a clue this was going to happen and brought out the remote for said vibrating panties with him.

They pick up her mom, and off they go! Every few minutes he would give her a little jolt so she knew what was going on, but since mom was in the car she couldn’t very well come out and say anything!

Maxim on Twitter: "A vibrating panties prank goes hilariously wrong as this  hot girl orgasms in front of her boyfriend's mom. https://t.co/O1o3d3oQnH…  https://t.co/kEAoF6FbPk"

She hops around in her seat a bit before finally looking back to mouth a few words to her possibly in trouble lover, but that doesn’t stop him! Eventually mom catches on and starts to wonder if everything is alright, which is around the point the girlfriend verbally tells Hamilton to stop…

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Which he doesn’t. Finally the prank is revealed and mom takes it way better than mine ever would, probably happy her daughter isn’t suffering from micro seizures or something like that.

This is how pranks are supposed to go, where no one gets injured or kidnapped and the end result is quite possibly just one hell of a night in the sack! For the most part that’s how the channel is on a consistent basis, but this is probably one of the riskier moves, I’m glad it all turned out well!