This Guy Who Said “White People Can’t Fight” Gets Eliminated By MMA Trained Thug

A young black man confronted some white young boys in a car park, with the thought that white people can’t fight and that black people would always win the fight whenever a black person and a white person fought. As they were about to get into their car to leave the scene, the black man tried to attack one of the white men.

Immediately, they started fighting and for some seconds everyone thought they were a match for each other because no one was winning the fight. The white man was so furious because he didn’t have the intention to fight, but the black man made him so angry that he started fighting. 

After some seconds, the angry white man began to throw blows to the face of the black man, who was already on the floor. The black man tried blocking some of the blows from meeting his face, but he couldn’t block all. People gathered round the scene of the fight to watch and make videos of them as the fight went on.

That also cleared them up. As the white man continued throwing blows to the face of the black man, the black man could not withstand the effect of the blows from an angry man and got knocked out right on the spot. 

When he noticed the black man was already knocked out, he stood up from him and started shouting, probably to call himself down or prepare himself for another round of the fight.

As the black man tried to get up after some seconds to continue the fight, the white man came from behind and threw a very heavy blow at his face which knocked him out again. The black man would have learnt his lesson well that it’s not good to look for others’ trouble without being able to defend yourself or get into unnecessary fights with everyone.