MMA Trained Referee Eliminates A Parent At A Kids Basketball Game

A ref rushes to save his partner after a brawl broke out at the Score OKC sports center in Edmond, Oklahoma

Youth basketball is seemingly becoming one of the most lawless activities in the nation. Referees getting tightened up on camera during games at various campuses and churches have become far too familiar.

These on-camera melees typically end with a referee being pummeled by teenagers, coaches, angry Dads, or random spectators who run out onto the basketball court.

He sucker punches the man, who falls flat on the floor

Apparently, there’s an AAU referee in Oklahoma County who didn’t get the memo because when a fan ran out onto the basketball court during a game in the city of Edmond, the official cold-cocked him right in the face and laid him flat on his stomach.

According to reports, the chaotic fiasco began when one of the team’s coaches stepped out to confront a referee in a fiery display that required multiple people to hold him back.

He is seen bleeding from his nose following the fight on Saturday

This prompted a random fan to charge the court, which resulted in a second referee emerging from the melee, charging at the man full-speed and decking him right in the face with a vicious roundhouse punch.

It is being reported that the infamous knockout punch was prompted by two separate physical attacks on referees during the aforementioned youth basketball game.

Spectators rushed onto the court of the AAU came to put an end to the brawl as the man who was punched by the ref lies motionless

The incident took place on Saturday at the OKC Center. A live video clip of the violent blindsided strike has already generated well over 4 million views online. The coach attempts to attack the referee, which is when another referee and spectators try to intervene and stop the fight last week.

A mass brawl ensues and two people manage to corner the referee away from the crowd. This is when a partner of the referee sucker punches a man — a father — who is immediately knocked out.

Many rushed onto the court to try and stop the fighting as the fight began

The incident reportedly occurred during an AAU game on Saturday, with one attendee telling OutKick that the brawl was started by the coach.

‘I was there on the other court,’ the attendee said. ‘This was all over a tech the coach received then he came on the floor and headbutted the ref instead of leaving the floor.

‘The score was 28-26,’ the attendee said of the coach’s team. ‘They were winning, now the whole organization loses.’